DIODE Laser Hair Removal

This 3 wavelength Diode Laser represents the worlds most advanced laser hair removal. This unique triple wavelength laser can work with all skin types and all kinds if hair, allowing all depths of hairs to be removed successfully. 6-8 treatments required. There is a special cooling tip which keeps the treatment comfortable. Patch test required.

Q-Switched Nd-YAG Tattoo Removal

Q-switched laser removes tattoos by the laser penetrating the skin And shattering the ink into tiny particles, the immune system will then engulf and remove the ink. 5-10 treatments required 6-8 wks apart. Patch test required no less than 2wks prior to treatment.

Nd:YAG laser Nail Fungal Removal

Most commonly found on the toe nails which presents yellow, thick and deformed appearance. Laser treatments kill the fungus that lives in or under the nail plate without causing damage to the nail or surrounding skin. Patch test required. 2-4 treatments required once a mth.

Nd:YAG Laser Age spot/Freckle removal

This popular treatment allows very successful removal of unwanted pigmented areas on the face or body, normally fades or scabs and flakes off within 2wks. Patch test required.

Nd:YAG Red Vein Removal

Heat produced from the laser heats up the blood coagulating the vessels or ablating them at times, face or body can be treated. Patch test required.

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